Barq Aviation can produce, maintain and revise your manuals according to your requirements and approvals. We imitate production of manuals after detailed arrangements with customers in order to identify appropriate means and needs according to approval(s) held or required. Barq Aviation can maintain the currency of your manuals by revising them according to your proposed amendment and requirements. Barq Aviation can also propose necessary amendments of your manuals in case of any regulations' changes. All revisions will be electronically delivered directly to the person responsible for handling such revisions.

  • Quality Manual (General, STD, OPS 1 & 3, FTO / TRTO)
  • Procedures Manual
  • Maintenance Organization Exposition Manual
  • Flight Operations Manuals (OPS 1 & 3) Part A, B, C, D
  • Ground Operations
  • Cargo
  • Aviation Safety Program
  • Security Program
  • Cabin Crew Safety & Emergency Procedures
We can produce manuals such as:


In addition to the above, we have the ability to tailor any existing manual according to your internal procedures and regulations requirements or scope of work. Our experienced technical writers' team in cooperation with our maintenance and flight operations experts are always at your disposal, We continuously keeping track of all regulations amendments, and can instantly inform you with analytical and detailed description of the changes. Notification of changes can help you to stay up to date with current changes, or can be used as a guide to show you which of your procedures could be possibly affected by these changes.

Besides doing manuals do we also prepare and execute Audits as per request either in conjunction within the made manuals or separately to made manuals as individual order.

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