Barq Aviation is committed to conduct its operations within the requirements of the International Aviation Safety Standards and has set up an internal Quality Assurance Department to over see this critical objective.

The Quality Assurance Department has published a Safety Program in the form of directives. Barq Aviation is committed to implement the Safety Program and all personnel were directed to actively support and abide by it.

The Quality Assurance Department will manage and keep updated the Safety Program throughout Barq Aviation. All levels of supervision are accountable for implementing the Safety Program requirements and ensuring that all employees have the training and equipment to perform their individual work safely and to recognize and control hazards as per the directives.

Over all Objectives of the Safety Program :

To minimize the risk of incident/ accident in the air or on the ground to reasonably practical level.

To provide adequate priority for safety.

To be resilient to unexpected human action or inaction, aircraft malfunctions and meteorological conditions.

To develop and adopt a policy taking into consideration the regulatory requirements for promoting, monitoring and investigating safety related accidents or incidents.

To establish and enforce safety preventive methods, and risk management.

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